First of all, congratulations on actively seeking out answers, stepping out of comfort zones, and choosing to not give up when we hit these technical snags. They will always come up, and over time you actually become really good at problem solving and figuring things out. 

I've outlined some common issues below, but let me also share some resources that I turn to when I have a wtf is going wrong moment :) 

Google and Youtube are our best friends. I like seeing the solution visually, so I usually start with Youtube. Type in "how to fix..." your problem, in the search, and sometimes you'll want to rephrase it if you're not finding the answer right away. If I'm still not really finding the answer, I turn to Google. Most answers will be found on a website called Gearspace... however be warned, sometimes the people in the forum just like to hear themselves talk, so it can be a little bit of sifting through bs lol. Try different things, and never underestimate the mantra, "unplug it and plug it back in." Restarting Pro Tools, or restarting your computer literally might fix things half the time. You got this, don't give up!! 

Got Problems?

If you don't see the issue you're facing here, tell me about it and I'll look into adding it to the list! 

Please note, I don't have all the answers to life and Pro Tools's riddles. I'm also not humanly able to be everyone's personal troubleshooter, so this page is the next best thing. I'm doing my best :)