Kimera teaches vocalists how to record themselves

Singers, it's time to become self sufficient

We DON'T need a producer to record us anymore

We DON'T need to spend money on studio time

I promise to show you that recording your own vocals is easier than you think in this step-by-step free challenge.

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Hi, I'm Kimera!

I'm on a mission to reshape our idea of a music career. With a successful, diverse career in remote studio gigging, sync licensing, acapella and beat licensing, sample packs, plugins, and more, I am an authority in the space of music entrepreneurship and a coach to many prosperous creatives.


Cami G.

"I just booked a $1,000 gig! Since our consulting conversations last month I've already landed some really big new clients!"

Kira R.

"Working with Kimera was such a shift! My vocals are now featured in a plugin and I'm working on a new album!"

Erin T.

"23 years of songwriting I finally learned how to record myself, and I've made more money this year than I have in my whole career."

What are you doing with a voice like that!?

Do you ever feel like you've been given a gift and you need to get it out to the world? I believe that we all have something to share, and someone who needs to hear it

But often we just can't deliver... waiting on an engineer or producer to have time to record us. By the time we get to the studio, we've rewritten the song too many times and it's lost all it's luster

Or you're just not able to sustainably budget for studio time and hiring an engineer. Keep reading.

You are here for a reason. 

You aren't on this website by chance. You attracted it to you. This is your sign to try something different. 

And I'll make it easy for you! Let me prove to you just what YOU are made of, by inviting you to my FREE Challenge where I'll guide you step-by-step to record a song. The fun *challenge* part is: you are not allowed to buy any gear or software! You have literally ZERO to lose, and I'mma let you think about what you have to gain if you suddenly can record your own vocals from home...

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I thought I'd MADE IT,

           until I ran out of food... 

I was signed to Sony fresh out of college thanks to getting discovered on Myspace. But "the machine" nearly swallowed me up.

Managers, A&R's, stylists and nutritionists all telling me who to be left me no time to make the music that truly moved me - the music I felt would be a service to my listeners.

The signing advance was tiny and money ran out fast. I remember falling apart and crying in front of my team so they would hear me: the only thing left in my cabinets was spices! Finally, my manager sent me off to the train with a $100 bill. 

4 years of feeling stuck under someone else's hand, I got out of my deal.

This was my chance to take music back. 

I made a promise to myself that I'd never let anyone have power over my creative process OR my productivity.

I learned how to vocal produce myself to sound just as good as what's on the radio. I was able to turn out songs at a higher rate than ever, and doors started opening to make money with my voice. 

Fast foreward to over 1000 clients

It all started with a simple ask from a producer who paid me $250 to re-record vocals for a song he wrote. 

This little snowball became an avalanche of opportunity as the eureka woke me up: I CAN make money in music. 

It was a shift. From 11 years of "writing aimlessly" to focused curiosity... how else I could monetize music?

I now have 20 different music revenue streams and 40 of what I call "store fronts."

But more than anything my soul is calling me to help show vocalists the way to a life of financial independence and freedom to work on their own time, on their own terms. 

Is this you?

Are you ready to let me prove it to you how easy it is to learn to record your own vocals, become self sufficient, and be able to say YES when big opportunities come your way? Start with the free Learn To Record Challenge - it's super fun because I CHALLENGE you to NOT spend a DIME as we go step-by-step to record a song and actually make it sound professional!

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