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So you found me...

I now have over 25 million streams, half a million in revenue, 20 revenue sources, 40 “storefronts,” 100s of songs on tv shows, and over 1000 private clients all from singing and recording my voice from home. Wtf.

The old me staring into empty kitchen cabinets would have found it all too hard to believe. There was a time in my journey where I ran out of food chasing an illusive dream. 

I actually got signed to Sony - I thought I’d made it - but I ended up broke and broken. The industry swallowed me whole. I tried to quit music. 

Then one day, it felt like a miracle - I negotiated my way out of my deal and was free. You see, when you’re signed to a major, it’s very hard to make money other than with Beyoncè placements, which are also hard to get. Your rights are all tied up. 

But once I was free, the hunger had a new feeling to it. 

I was determined to get out of that hole. I was determined to stop struggling, to make more than just ends meet. So I started searching, failing forward, and trying everything I could think of to try to generate money with my voice from my home studio. 

After a little bit of time, I had put eggs in just about every basket, and a lot of them started to hatch. 

I didn’t know what was going to work so I really tried it all. I started to see which revenue streams worked, how they worked, and started to refine a process to keep them flowing in a smart way. 

Now - it’s a formula to me. A formula I can show you.

I meet so many singers all the time who have similar stories, who feel disheartened by the “career” part of singing. My hope is that we all destroy this concept of the starving artist, and realize how possible it is to sustain ourselves completely independently, and completely from the comfort of our own home studio. 

Freedom of time is the real driving force behind my business. I used to have my goals all wrong. I was in survival mode and my goal was to survive. But once I had some breathing room, some income and comfortability I was able to see what I really wanted for my life and it was freedom. Freedom to take my time, enjoy, and for money to not be an issue. 

The shift will happen for you too if you have that same hunger. If you’re willing to do the work. 

I am here to show you the steps to take. 

I've created the Singers Success Path to help guide singers with actionable steps toward a lucrative independent career. 

The first step is clear: you must become self sufficient enough to record yourself from home, and vocal produce your recordings to compete with radio standards. 

I have two courses that will make you an expert studio vocalist so that you may craft an incredible product (recordings) to be able to set up your own entrepreneurial singing business.

Take the two free workshops first and learn my exact frameworks for recording and vocal producing.

Recording Routine Free Workshop
Vocal Production Free Workshop

The Singer's Success Path mentorship program will be available in 2024. Founding membership will be available to those who have graduated from Professional Vocal Production, or who pass the application process which determines if your "product" (self recorded vocal recordings) are up to industry standards. 

You must know how to properly make a dress before opening your dress shop - your voice is the fabric, but can you sew? Do you have the thread, the needle, the machine? The Learn to Record and Professional Vocal Production programs are here for you to make you a master.

Now is a good time to refine your product and I hope you partake in the resources I've created for you to do just that. 

The Recording Routine is a free workshop that gives you the outline of how to record your vocals in Pro Tools. It is only 30 minutes.

The Vocal Production Framework is a free workshop to take those recordings from simple audio to radio competitive vocal arrangements and editing.

These are the exact tools you need to create the products to launch your singing offerings. Get that together! And I can't wait to see you on the Singer's Success Path 2024.