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The Recent Journey 

We are singers seeking out practical, sustainable sources of financial security doing what we love. It used to be a hard road, but it isn't anymore. New opportunities and resources are here. We just have to capitalize on them and take action. You have landed here because of your attraction to this lifestyle of ease and passion. 

I'm Kimera Morrell, and I founded Singers Success Path after 11 years of failure, and 2 years of multiple six figure eureka. With over 23 music revenue streams, I've made it a goal to help 100 singers reach $100k by launching singing businesses that DO NOT require performing live. 

Why no stage? Because I discovered that the real key to sustainability, longevity, and happiness is to have true freedom with our time. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way. 

In 2023 I experienced a stroke. 

A chronic optimist, I just had to find the lesson in it. This freak accident revealed to me what I'd really built by diversifying my music revenue streams. It has made my life crisis proof. 

To sit in recovery with an odd smile and sense of safety was just bizarre. Imagine, to not be able to work for months, and yet your residual revenue streams carried you just fine. Clients welcoming you back with plenty of projects whenever you're ready. 

Financial comfortability is peace of mind. Freedom with your time is truly what it means to be rich.

So while you're dreaming, why not walk with some singers like you who are taking these steps toward a life of freedom and music? We have a lot to share, and a lot to learn from you too. See you soon <3

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