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It's hard to see the whole road ahead while you're still standing at square one.

But I've been down this road now, I've mapped it out, and I want to share the turn-by-turn directions with you.

You already have the vehicle - you're already on the road but it's you that chooses when the lights turn green.

I believe we can agree on the first step:

We need to get you recording. 
Whatever your goals are, that is a must.
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Questions for you: 

  •  If I had a paid recording opportunity for you to record vocals on a short deadline, would you have the reliable means to say yes?
  • Would you like to get your music out to the world but you feel beholden to someone else’s schedule?

  • Does it seem too hard to learn to record, but you're kinda curious to let me prove to you how easy it is?
  • Are you busy, but think you could schedule 1-2 hours a week for 8 weeks to make this life change?

These are actually the reasons why I created the

Learn to Record Vocals course.

*Here's how I discovered that the value of the modules is $21,305. The university I went to was $42,000 per year, x 4 years is $168k. But when I went through the curriculum list, I found that 5 classes were necessary to teach what I cover in this course. Each class comes to about $4,261, x 5 and we get $21,305. But what's even more gnarly is, you can't even go to universities and just take 5 classes - you must enroll for 4 years. In my book, this means my course saves you a ridiculous amount of money and time. Sure you don't get a degree at the end, but not once in my entire career has anyone even asked if I went to college. 

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  • Surprise guest speakers

  • Pro Tools Short Cut Keys List 

  • Plugins Recommendations Guide

  • Signal Flow Breakdown Cheat Sheet

  • Track Types PDF

  • Recording Studio Buying Guide

  • Song Feedback

Level I


  • Learn to Record Vocals with Kimera Morrell


The 8 Week Course - Guest Speakers and Bonus PDFs included


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Level II


  • Learn to Record Vocals with Kimera Morrell ($697)
  • 1 hour one-on-one zoom session with Kimera (reg price $397, with course $300)



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Level III


limited quantities

  • Learn to Record Vocals with Kimera Morrell ($697)
  • Unlimited Voxer Access with Kimera during the 8 week course ($1500)
  • FREE Gift: Kimera's personal Pro Tools Template(priceless)
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Not for sale...

My GIFT for those who join me on Level III, I'll send you my personal recording template.

This is not for sale anywhere, only for my Level III vocalists!

You know how when you open an excel spreadsheet, it's completely blank? That is kinda the same for opening Pro Tools (our recording software). In the course I am going to teach you how to set up recording tracks, add plugins, and a lot more - BUT having this is like opening that excel spreadsheet and all the formulas are pre-programmed and columns are labeled and color coded so you can just hit RECORD. 

This comes with two versions:

1. My personal mix with the plugins I use

2. A version with the plugins Pro Tools comes with for free.

I really did struggle with learning to record, but when I understood it, I was dumbfounded by how easily I could teach it to others. The information was presented to me in such a fragmented way - so I decided to share it in a step-by-step style method.

This is not supposed to be hard, and don’t let the gatekeepers tell you otherwise. 

And there is a ton of information about recording that is just straight up irrelevant and unnecessary to learn. I liken it to core curriculum in college that tells you in order to be a journalism major you need to take at least up to Calculus II.

Ultimately I’ve come up with a methodology of teaching you how to record vocals in a way that I would have understood it with ease. 

Anyone can do this. Let me prove it.

Let's do this!