Dear Singers, This is For You

Dec 31, 2023

After about 2 years of sharing bite size tips almost every day, a shift is coming for the way I share content to help singers launch their businesses. Vocalists, we’ve got a lot to do in 2024 to get your business off the ground, and less than 60 second reels aren’t gunna cut it. So we’re going long form! 

Announcing The Singers Success Path Podcast AND Youtube Channel!!

Coming to Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts on January 3rd, The SSP Podcast will be coming out with a new episode every other Wednesday at 5am Pacific Standard Time. But if that’s not enough, so are Youtube videos, which means...

New long form content every week all 2024. Pinky Promise. 

I've been taking notes on all the questions singers ask about how to monetize their voice, how to get started making money with their music, and how to deal with demo singing clients from hell. 🤯 And I've got answers coming weekly. 

We've been meeting on the first Friday of every month on Zoom to discuss anything and everything that comes up in the adventures of earning a living as singers without having to perform live. Everything we discuss has to do with making our income from our home recording studios or remotely through endeavors like remote vocal coaching, course creation, and monetizing our music fanbases. If you have not been to one of these mastermind chats, it's called SSP Live and you can sign up right here in the form below! 

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Thank you for rocking with me, let's have the best year ever!

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