My Top 30 Favorite Sync Music Libraries

May 27, 2023

If you're seeking to generate money with music, you may have googled "how to get my music in tv and film" and found endless listings of sync licensing agencies and libraries. Although there is a lot of useful information available, there are also a large number of dead ends, and I did the same thing.

So how bout a list of sync companies that I have either personally worked with, have had placements with, or where I have friends who've had placements with. Here goes!

  1. Crucial Music

  2. 411 Music Group

  3. Lyric House

  4. Heavy Duty Projects

  5. Atrium Music

  6. Chroma Music

  7. Vanacore

  8. 5 Alarm

  9. Riptide

  10. APM Music

  11. Marmoset

  12. Jingle Punks

  13. Music Vine

  14. Big Sync

  15. Bodega Sync

  16. Music Gateway

  17. A&G Sync

  18. Alibi Music

  19. Songtradr

  20. Music and Strategy

  21. What Up Pitches

  22. Razor and Tie

  23. Supergroup

  24. Broadjam

  25. Heavy Hitters

  26. ModernWorks

  27. Indigi

  28. Secret Road

  29. Silo Music

  30. Position Music

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