Krysta Youngs on Kpop and a Diverse Portfolio of Music Revenue

Mar 13, 2024

Krysta Youngs joined us on the Singers Success Path Podcast today to share a bit about her journey to a diverse portfolio of music revenue streams. She dropped some MASSIVE gems about being open minded to the ever evolving ways you can make money as a singer songwriter so that you can reinvest back into your own artistry. 

Among her many revenue streams, K-pop is one she's quite well known for thanks to a Billboard 200 #1 EP by BTS featuring her pen on "Home". She attributes her success in Kpop to the relationships she's built and nurtured. Working that network through research and collaboration lead her to have personal relationships with major Kpop labels HYBE, SM, and JYP. 

As if making music for a living wasn't enough to be happy, Krysta was following her joy when she created The Haus of Creativity, a twice a year writing camp incubator that brings talented aspiring songwriters and producers together. 

Krysta is the queen of creativity not just in songwriting but in figuring out this wild music industry. When she asked herself, "how can I really make money writing songs?" she decided to start by posting an ad on Craigslist to offer her service. Some of the biggest discoveries come when you don't know what you're doing, you have an idea, and you try it. 

"No is just who knows." Krysta shares her thoughts on rejection, not getting the placement, and even sending in a song pitch and never getting it played. A no from one place could be a yes from somewhere else. You may have an idea of what you want your song to do, what artist you want to see performing it in Madison Square Garden, but rather than placing such a narrow expectation on your song, why not be open to more possibilities and let the song take on a journey of it's own? Krysta tells us the story of a song she submitted for a major artist that did not get selected, but the manager was also working on a film he thought the song would be perfect for. So Krysta ended up releasing the song under her own name and it wound up in a film.

Krysta continues to reinvest in her own artist career releasing songs on Siruis XM radio through all sorts of avenues like revenue from her Splice vocal sample packs, her sync licensing placements, demo singing and custom songwriting for hire, songwriting camps, and teaching courses on songwriting and navigating the music industry. She continues to be open to the ever unfolding path ahead, and enjoys inspiring and collaborating with others who are too. 

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