Her name is derived from the mythical three-headed beast, Chimera. Fitting for her hunger to attack monstrous goals while wearing multiple hats. Formerly a songwriter for Sony ATV, Kimera is now a music entrepreneur with numerous musical revenue streams.

Her works have been featured in TV shows and trailers on The CW, HBO, NBC, Nickelodeon, USA, as well as films like Bombshell. She is one of the top singers for hire on Soundbetter.com, and enjoys working out of her own recording studio in Los Angeles.

Kimera is a mentor in Cathy Heller’s Six Figure Songwriting mentorship program and is a business consultant to many talented music entrepreneurs.

Kimera credits her success to a higher power that keeps her heart-centered, empathic, and inspired to grow. She surrounds herself with others who share an abundance mindset, who believe there is plenty for everyone, and who will root for one another’s success and ultimate happiness.

Music for Motion Picture and Avertisement

Kimera’s vocals range from epic trailers to modern pop, moody downtempo to energetic rap, and just about everything in between- browse the sync music library, check out recent TV/film music placements, and get in touch for your next project.

Featured Placements:

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  • Custom Vocals

    Learn more about how Kimera can write a custom song to your track or record a song you have written. Get professional, studio quality vocal recordings. Other services include complete production, vocal arrangement, and more.

  • Acapellas

    Browse original female acapellas and acapella covers available to license. If you are looking for vocals for your next release, or you're a producer seeking inspiration to build tracks around vocals, these isolated vocals are here for you!

  • Music Entrepreneurship

    Work with Kimera to evaluate your entrepreneurial music business and devise a concrete action plan to scale. Resources include one on one consulting, education materials like The Remote Studio Musician e-book, and The Action Plan System.

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