$197.00 USD

Join the Singers Success Path Community for only $29/m for Group Coaching with Kimera, access to the Resources Library, all previous Replays, and Monthly Pitching Opportunities to help make you money! Our next live call is the first Friday of the month!


For vocalists who want to take their singing seriously, these 3 minicourses help you break into multiple revenue streams with the goal to lead you toward financial sustainability and total freedom with your time.

What's inside:

  1. Sync Licensing LAUNCH
  2. Custom Vocals LAUNCH
  3. Vocal Tools LAUNCH

Break into tv and film music, stock music, demo singing, custom songwriting, acapella licensing, sample pack creation, the beats with hooks market, and vocal vst libraries. 

Additional included materials:

  • The Launch Plan Workbook
  • The Remote Studio Musician eBook
  • Sync Lyric Themes that Place
  • Sync Reference Playlist
  • 100 Cover Songs that Sell
  • 81 Sync Reps and Agencies I Trust
  • List of Demo Singing Platforms
  • List of Vocal Tools Platforms
  • Kimera's Sample Pack for Reference