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Action Plan System


The Action Plan is the cure for the musician’s shiny new object syndrome. There are a plethora of ways for a music professional to earn a sustainable income, but rather than stand in the center of this tornado of ideas, we are going to evaluate the best road for YOU to take. There is no one size fits all path for everyone, and that’s why Kimera will work with you one on one. This is a beginning, where we’re removing all things that daunt us and discover that we really can do this.


Consulting is intended for skilled musicians, producers, singers, songwriters, and recording engineers who would benefit from assistance in mapping out a solid action plan to scale their business and increase revenue. Fill out a short questionnaire that lets us know if your offerings and expertise are within the scope of what Kimera consults on.


Next you’ll receive a valuable worksheet to evaluate where you are, where your skillsets shine, and what goals you will be achieving on a macro and micro level. The good work begins even before your first meeting. This isn’t just a phone call chat – this is action. We’ll get it all on paper as we build your roadmap to success.

The Meeting

Kimera will prepare for your call by reviewing the extensive evaluation worksheet, and plan the most effective path of conversation to devise your personal action plan. Based on your unique credentials, from instruments to technological strengths and even genres, we will lay out a method in phases for your business to become lucrative in the short term, and residually in the long term.

The Action Plan

After your meeting you will receive a recap and a written protocol: a physical roadmap of steps to take toward building a sustainable business of your own in music.

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General Consulting

One hour zoom call with Kimera to discuss anything you like related to music and business. Kimera specializes in vocal production, recording vocals, and planning music business strategy. Feel free to send an email to to share a bit about what you’re looking for help with, and we’ll let you know if consulting on that subject is something we cover.

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